Magic brought us together, Magic keeps us together and Magic is what we are passing on.



We, Martin and Marie Richtsfeld, first met when Martin was 22 and Marie was only 14 years old. For her, it was love at first sight. Immediately, she knew, “One day, this will be my husband.” Fast-forward six years, we met again and started dating. That’s how magic brought us together.

A couple for more than 11.5 years and married for more than six, we live and dream together worldwide. A unity and bond we could have never imagined formed – a genuine Sacred Union. It connects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That’s how magic is keeping us together.

Together, we offer our self-improvement practices based on the wisdom of ancient inner Alchemy. Our Sacred Union forms the safe container for all our services. That is how we pass the magic on.


We feel that humanity has only one single problem. Once we solve this for ourselves, everything else will rise (not fall) into place. This single problem is that most of humanity has lost the connection to their own mystical hearts. You can call it the Higher Self, True Self, god, source, or whatever other names. Once we connect, we stop fighting against each other and exploiting nature and our environment. In the urge to control everything, many of us create the illusion of separation and the habit of manipulation. The outer world is only a reflection of our inner turmoil. The ancient teachings of Alchemy state, “As above, so below”, which also means “As within, so without”. Once we clean up our inner mayhem, our body, soul, and spirit realign. Through this shift, we restore our connection to the mystical heart.

Everything we do revolves around bringing people back into their hearts. We are confident that we can create a world we all want to live and thrive in as an empowered society aligned with our divine mission. Seeing a world made from our infinite potential in harmony with nature and others is the driving force behind what we do.


Marie’s fairy-like appearance illustrates her spiritual nature. This allows her to balance on the edge of many realms. She was born in Austria and started traveling the world together with her husband, Martin, in 2017. After a few visits to Bali, she knew deep inside that this magical island would be a big part of her new home. Already as a young girl, she could feel a strong connection to her Higher Self. However, for some years after finishing university, she felt disconnected from guidance, and emptiness and disorientation prevailed over her life. That showed her that she needed to return to who she truly was.

She followed the calling to complete several teacher trainings of Akashic Records, Sound Healing, Yoga, Breathwork, Energy, and Quantum Healing. Over the last few years, Marie and Martin have created the “Akashic Creatorship Program,” which is their signature system where they merge the wisdom of ancient Inner Alchemy with other modalities to evolve how we approach life fundamentally. Furthermore, Marie is a facilitator for various ceremonies and journeys based on Inner Alchemy and the Akashic Records.


Martin’s fascination for music started early. He joined his first ballet dance classes at the age of five. A decade later, he started dancing in ballroom and Latin tournaments. For him, it was never about the competition. Instead, he enjoyed dancing for pleasure and self-development. Another decade later, Martin began following the path of spiritual development. He completed his energy worker, sound healer, gong master, and Ecstatic Dance DJ certifications, in addition to Yin, Vinyasa, and Power yoga teacher training.

Music was always a big part of his life, and he learned to play the guitar at ten. During school, he got the opportunity to play the drum set. Over time he added more instruments mainly used for healing purposes. The Gong even taught him throat and overtone singing which he adds to his sound healing facilitation.

Martin’s gift is holding sacred safe spaces so that everyone can unlock their inner healer for profound shifts and transformations. He lives and shares based on ancient inner Alchemy, a time-tested and timeless wisdom describing life and creation itself.


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