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Welcome to our transformative Akashic Creatorship Course based on Hermetic Alchemy and guided by the Akashic Records. We designed it for those on an awakening journey seeking to overcome inner challenges, attain deep, embodied alignment with life’s rhythms, and do so with an accessible time commitment. You set your own pace – imagine dedicating just 1-3 hours a week. In just 8 weeks, you will not only begin a lifelong journey of transformation but also establish the anchor point for your new life, guided by the timeless wisdom of Hermetic Alchemy and the connection to your Akashic Records.

The wisdom of Hermetic Alchemy describes the entire process of universal activity. Thus, it reveals the foundation for life and creation itself. Our Akashic Creatorship Course based on Hermetic Alchemy is your gateway to harnessing the profound insights and practices of this timeless tradition. Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty, and step into a world where you seamlessly integrate the principles of Alchemy into your personal and professional life. Moreover, the Akashic Records guide you like a beacon shining light on your blind spots and offer direction on crossroads.

Get ready to awaken your inner Alchemist and unleash your True Essence!

Can we save the world?

Every quest starts from within …

In the depths of collective despair, a sense of hopelessness prevails. Often, we find ourselves navigating life without a clear purpose, like a ship lost at sea, battling the storms of uncertainty. The weight of uncertainty bears down, leaving shattered dreams and broken spirits. The path ahead is an unending maze, mirroring the inner landscape as external chaos.

Do you often experience …

The disorienting feeling of being lost, adrift without purpose?
Disconnection from your True Self, trapped in the labyrinth of your mind?
The suppression of emotions and voices suffocated in the depths of your soul?
The complexities of relationships, yearning for harmony and unity with your partner?
The challenge of understanding your own energy and establishing boundaries?
Feelings of unworthiness, an inability to express yourself and be heard?
The isolation and alienation that comes with the quest for authenticity?
The suffocating weight of depression’s darkness?

Amid this turmoil, the quest for guidance and clarity looms large

How can you navigate the complex web of life’s challenges?
How can you find the right path and reclaim a sense of self-worth and purpose?

Yet, within this abyss lies the potential for transformation. From the depths of despair, you can rise like a phoenix, renewed and invigorated.

With the proper guidance of the alchemical 7-step system, you can …

Step 1: Break free from the clutches of unhealthy patterns.
Step 2: Liberate the emotions you have long suppressed.
Step 3: Shed the weight of ancestral baggage, forging strong, healthy boundaries.
Step 4: Uncover your hidden passions, talents, and strengths.
Step 5: Rise above the relentless despair that accompanies depression, life’s challenges, and your false ego.
Step 6: Refine your True Essence, the heart of your being.
Step 7: Harness your very best self, embarking on a purposeful journey through life.

The path from despair to hope, from alienation to connection, offers profound healing and self-discovery. As you embark on this journey, you cast aside the weight of your past, emerging stronger and more aware. It is a transformative pilgrimage, leading you from the depths of despair toward the promise of a brighter, more fulfilling existence.

In a nutshell

What you receive in our Akashic Creatorship course

This course is your gateway to unlocking your full potential through Hermetic Alchemy and integrating its timeless wisdom into your life’s journey. It’s a transformative experience carefully crafted to empower you with the profound insights and practices of this ancient tradition enhanced by the Akashic Records and adapted to modern life.

What is the content of this course

Regular Tutoring Calls: Engage in group calls to connect with like-minded individuals and receive direct guidance from Marie and Martin, addressing your questions and concerns. (2 free calls included)
Constant guidance through your Akashic Records: Learn to connect to your Akashic Records and receive profound insights and guidance from your soul’s wisdom.
22 Illuminating Education Videos: Dive deep into the secrets of Hermetic Alchemy with comprehensive videos, breaking down the foundations and intricacies of each step.
9 Transformative Meditations: Journey through the seven steps with personalized meditations tailored to your unique progression, including an initiation meditation and an Akashic Records Opening Meditation.
7 Guiding Action Items: Receive specific, actionable guidance for each step, helping you navigate challenges and triggers and uncover your inner gifts, strengths, passions, and skills to unlock your True Essence.
14 Insightful Self-Assessments: Gauge your current state and measure your evolutionary progress with bi-level self-assessments for every step.
Comprehensive 200-Page Curriculum: Access a treasure trove of wisdom in this extensive curriculum, providing a thorough introduction, step-by-step details, benefits, and potential pitfalls to support your deep journey of self-realization.
Step Overviews and Recaps: Find your footing with step introductions and wrap up your journey with integrative recaps, ensuring clarity and completeness throughout.
Ongoing Support: As you embark on this profound journey, remember you are never alone. We offer various supporting modalities if you need guidance or assistance along the way. Your evolution is our commitment, and we are here to walk this transformative path with you.

By the end of this course, you will

Know how to connect to your Akashic Records, your continuous guidance from your Higher Self.
Gain a deep understanding of the principles and philosophy behind Hermetic Alchemy.
Discover how to apply these principles to navigate life’s challenges and transformations.
Learn powerful Alchemical techniques to transmute your inner and outer world.
Unlock the secrets of inner peace, clarity, and self-realization.
Find your true purpose and direction in life through the lens of Hermetic Alchemy.
Develop a profound sense of self-worth and the ability to voice your authentic self confidently.
Cultivate harmonious relationships, resolve conflicts, and establish boundaries in alignment with your true essence.
Understand the signs of life better, interpreting dreams, patterns, and synchronicities for guidance.
Reconnect with your suppressed emotions and embark on a journey to heal past wounds.
Rise in awareness and consciousness, embracing a higher perspective on life’s challenges and opportunities.

Why choose this course?

This course is not just a journey; it’s a profound awakening to the True Essence within you. Get ready to embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation as you dive into the world of Hermetic Alchemy and the Akashic Records.

Your journey starts now.

The world needs no saving!

It existed billions of years before us and will long after us.

We must remember that the salvation you seek comes with the profound transformation of your inner world. The key to a harmonious existence lies within, where you uncover your True Essence and release the heavy burdens on your soul. It is through nurturing the purity of your heart and the clarity of your mind that you unlock the gateway to personal and collective harmony.

Then, everything else will naturally rise into place.

So, how can YOU save YOUR inner world?

If you ever take 2 minutes to read anything from us, let it be the following few paragraphs, as they have the power to change your life forever.

Martin and Marie

Allow us to share our personal transformation. We were adrift, lacking a clear life purpose despite practicing various spiritual disciplines like Yoga, breathwork, embodied dance, family constellation, Akashic Records Reading, you name it. We traveled the world for six years and experienced numerous countries, diving deep into different cultures and traditions. Still, depression and anxiety consumed us. Then, in our darkest hour, with the Akashic Records as our beacon, Hermetic Alchemy appeared as a lifeline.

The ancient wisdom from the Emerald Tablet transformed our existence

In short, our life’s purpose became clear: to translate Hermetic Alchemy’s timeless teachings into accessible, modern language. Hermetic Alchemy describes the entire process of universal activity through its 7-step formula. Thus, it reveals the foundation for life and creation itself. Moreover, the Akashic Records, the connection to your Higher Self, serve as a daily guide along the way to fulfillment.

This course is our heartfelt offering to heal our world

It is a time-tested foundation toward harmony within ourselves, others, and nature. By embracing all stages of our personal development, we reconnect with the cycles of nature and the universe. Furthermore, we separate from the harmful patterns of exploitation, greed, inequality, and manipulation. This course is not a quick fix. On the contrary, it is an invaluable tool on your lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Our world faces many challenges …

… born from humanity’s choices, consciously or unconsciously. However, we all are the ones we have been waiting for to reshape this reality for harmony with our True Essence. Hermetic Alchemy, the ancient wisdom we share in this course, acts as a gateway. It unveils the foundations of life and creation, helping us rediscover our mission on Earth. Furthermore, the Akashic Records allow us to enter unseen realms for profound guidance and insights.

Life is a life-long journey …

… a tapestry of experiences, growth, and self-discovery until our last breath. Hermetic Alchemy, the guiding star of this course, can help illuminate your path. Together, we can co-create a world we are proud to pass on to future generations, rooted in balance, inner harmony, and interconnectedness.

The 7-step formula of Hermetic Alchemy

In our transformative Akashic Creatorship Course based on Hermetic Alchemy, we unlock the secrets of the 7-step formula of Alchemy, guiding you through a profound journey of self-realization. Each step is meticulously designed to help you rediscover your True Essence, shedding light on your unique path to inner balance and wisdom. Our comprehensive exploration of these timeless principles empowers you to embrace clarity, healing, and personal growth, ensuring you emerge from the course as your true and authentic self.
Additionally, you learn how to connect to your Akashic Records, a powerful connection to your intuition, offering you the truth you need for your unique journey.

Step 1: Calcination


Destroy false beliefs, habits, concepts, impure thoughts, neuroses, traumas, and patterns to …

Illuminate the path to purpose in life’s darkest corners, even when it seems elusive.
Gradually unburden your shoulders from the oppressive weight of life’s uncertainties.
Fill the hollow caverns of inner emptiness with the radiant light of newfound purpose and meaning.

Step 2: Dissolution


Immerse into your subconscious mind and dissolve repressed emotions, rigid belief systems, psychological projections, judgments, and assumptions to …

Rediscover the profound connection with your True Self.
Navigate the intricate labyrinth of thoughts, tuning into the whispers of your heart’s wisdom amid the cacophony of mental chatter.
Dive into the ocean of your suppressed emotions, allowing their transformative waves to wash over your soul.

Step 3: Separation


Separate your impurities and expectations from your True Essence to …

Heal relationship issues and nurture harmonious connections with your partner.
Address family and ancestral baggage.
Gain insights into your energy, set healthy boundaries, and manage energetic interactions.

Step 4: Conjunction


Bring together your True Essence to create a more Unified Self in alignment with your higher purpose to …

Find answers to your questions about the “right” life path and gain clarity.
Receive guidance and support when you stand at life’s crossroads, making crucial decisions.
Boost self-worth, find your voice, and ensure your words are heard.

Step 5: Fermentation

Final death of the old ego

Descend into the “Dark night of the Soul” for a final death of your old ego and attachments and a rebirth into your newfound higher state of consciousness to …

Alleviate feelings of loneliness and alienation, fostering deeper connections and belonging.
Overcome depression and rediscover joy and fulfillment in your life’s journey.
Gain the guidance and tools needed to navigate life’s complex challenges with confidence.

Step 6: Distillation


Purify your True Essence to its highest form by connecting the Below and Above, where Soul and Spirit become united and grounded in the body to …

Decode the signs of life more profoundly, including dreams, patterns, and synchronicities.
Reconnect with a sense of wholeness and healing in your being, fostering inner harmony.
Elevate your awareness and consciousness to new heights, unveiling a profound sense of purpose and direction in life.

Step 7: Coagulation


Strengthen your Self with a final union of matter and Spirit on a higher level of consciousness, allowing you to solve challenges you couldn’t solve before.

The result

After completing the Akashic Creatorship Course based on Hermetic Alchemy, you emerge as a beautifully integrated, evolved version of yourself. You embody the very core of your being, embracing your True Essence with open arms. Your journey through the course aligns you harmoniously with your heart’s mission. This transformation illuminates your path and fills your life with purpose, love, and inner fulfillment. Your every step resonates with the song of your soul, and your newfound wisdom guides you toward a life of profound meaning and lasting joy.

Your Hosts

Marie and Martin

We, Marie and Martin, are a couple for more than 11.5 and married for more than six years. We are from Austria and yet, live and dream together worldwide. A unity and bond we could have never imagined formed – a genuine Sacred Union. It connects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We started our journey of self-discovery over 10 years ago. Throughout this time, we went through countless courses, workshops, seminars, teacher trainings, hardships, challenges, life-changing events, and even depression. As a result, we found Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, breathwork, Ecstatic Dance, access to the Akashic Records, energy healing, sound healing, and more. We have studied ancient wisdom and modern science, blending the two to uncover the secrets of personal growth and transformation. Through our own experiences, we have found that there is a holistic solution to navigating this chaos, a way to regain control over our lives.

We dedicate our lives to sharing our love based on the timeless wisdom of Hermetic Alchemy that brought so many before us profound inner transformation. In our practical approach, we humbly contribute to the grander scheme of humanity’s awakening process.

What our CLIENTS say about our COURSE

Prepare to be inspired by what our clients say about their transformative Akashic Creatorship Course experiences. They have embarked on this journey and discovered profound insights, gained new perspectives, and cultivated a deeper understanding of themselves. Their stories of growth and empowerment will showcase the immense potential of Hermetic Alchemy in your life. Join us in hearing the voices of those who’ve walked this path and witnessed the Alchemical changes within themselves.

Now I have a tool to get closer and closer to my True Essence


For many years I fell into unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with sadness and anger. I did not want to be part of this world anymore. The Alchemy wisdom made me look at situations from a new perspective where I could observe how much the ego likes drama. After finishing the Akashic Creatorship Program, doubts still come up but awareness kicks in faster. Now I have a tool to get closer and closer to my True Essence. Marie and Martin – for that I am forever grateful!

Regional Sales Manager, Singapore

The Akashic Creatorship Program is helping me go deep

Nastya A

Even though I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a couple of years already, the wisdom of Alchemy in the Akashic Creatorship Program is helping me go deep to uncover hidden parts of myself and suppressed emotions. Marie and Martin gently support me through this transformation, which can be really overwhelming sometimes. I’m learning to connect to my Higher Self through Akashic Records, and I feel I’m developing my intuition.

Nastya A.
Project Manager, UAE

The Akashic Creatorship Program was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done

Ana V

I am so grateful to Marie and Martin who worked with me throughout the Alchemical transformation journey! Marie put words to my feelings as she revealed so many important messages to me that I couldn’t comprehend myself. She helped me to understand my ego and my blockages and gave me the tools to overcome those. I am forever grateful for all the lessons, the wisdom of Alchemy, and the energy Marie & Martin shared with me! Thank you, thank, thank you!

Ana V.
Assistant Store Manager, Singapore

Are you ready to awaken your True Essence?

Your Alchemical Adventure Awaits

You set your own pace - imagine dedicating just 1-3 hours a week. In just 8 weeks, you will not only begin a lifelong journey of transformation but also establish the anchor point for your new life. Over time, you will integrate these teachings on a deep cellular and spiritual level, so they will become your new way of being. Join us and unleash the magic of Hermetic Alchemy and the Akashic Records in your life!

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