Do you want to feel how everything is connected?


Akashic Records Readings exceed the narrow perspective of the mind and allow you to receive insights that are coming from your Higher Self. This journey gives you a different and comprehensive perspective on situations in your life.

Do you want to feel how everything is connected?


Akashic Records Readings exceed the narrow perspective of the mind and allow you to receive insights that are coming from your Higher Self. This journey gives you a different and comprehensive perspective on situations in your life.



… the information field that is permeating the entire universe, which we access during Akashic Records Readings. See this field as an ever-expanding consciousness that connects every single soul. Every soul that has ever lived, that lives now and will potentially live in the future, has their own record. The Akashic Records store all dynamics and developments in the universe. All this information is already there – in the NOW.

Akasha means “everything that is”.

In the Akashic Records Reading session led by Marie, we embark on a profound journey – both you and I, open your Akashic Records.

I am guiding you to connect deeply to your Higher Self, your gateway to the Akashic Records. Maybe you have heard the saying, “As above, so below”. This timeless wisdom of Hermetic Alchemy teaches us that the key to understanding life lies at the center of our bodies in our hearts, where the Below and the Above converge. By connecting with the Akashic Field, we anchor ourselves to the “Below” – the physical world and then connect up to the “Above” – the metaphysical world.

Through that, we transcend the confines of the conditioned mind, shedding the murky lens of habits and beliefs and connect deeply to our intuition. My gift of clairvoyance lies in sharing discoveries and messages that mirror your life’s profound depths and dynamics often conveyed through images. Other abilities beyond my five senses are Claircognizance and Clairsentience. This means I also hear messages and feel energy and emotions.

This session is your journey of self-empowerment to hear the voice of your intuition. You are your own healer, and I am your humble guide to convey the messages from the Akashic Records.


My Akashic Records Readings are based on working with the Akashic Field. The following list includes possibilities that we can apply in your session, based on what is revealed. This will be different from session to session.

Soul Mission

Strengthen the connection to your soul mission. As an awakening soul, you have the ability to feel the synchronicities that align with you.


We can feel into the underlying dynamics of relationships. This way, you can understand the motives and take necessary actions.

Life Questions

Receive answers to life questions you have. Integrate those confirming and revealing messages into your life.


As you connect to the Akashic Records, your intuition awakens within you, illuminating the path to self-discovery.

Higher Self

At your birth, one part of you comes physically to Earth. The other remains behind the veil and becomes your Higher Self that you can talk to.

Past Lives

The Akashic Records store experiences from past or parallel lives and how they influence your life now.

Energy Healing

Experience remote energy healing, where I use the hand energy centres to identify and heal blockages within your body.

Quantum Healing

An initiated quantum wave reorganizes body, mind and soul. Stuck energy can flow again and the body opens up for deep self-healing.



  • Akashic Records Reading sessions can be done as a video call (via zoom) or in person (please ask for location).
  • The session will last either 60 or 90 minutes, including introducing myself, a few words about the Akashic Records and giving you the background how to connect to your own Akashic Records. Then we quickly talk about what your intentions for the reading are and tips at the end for aftercare.
  • In a 60-minute session, we can cover about two important topics for you. In a 90-minute session, it is about four important topics. Of course, this depends on the complexity of the topic and questions and how deep we dive into it.
  • From my experience, 90 minutes is the perfect length for a session because we have enough time to cover most of your questions and also have space for Quantum Healing if needed.
  • If you book an Akashic Records Reading as a video call, ensure you are in a comfortable space and please join the zoom meeting on time at your allocated slot. You can record the session. Please note that you are paying for the actual reading, not the recording. So, if technical problems occur and the reading can’t be recorded, the price of the session stays the same.


60-Minute Session: 140 EUR
90-Minute Session (save 5 %): 200 EUR

  • Prices can be paid in USD/GBP/AUD/NZD/CAD and will be converted on the invoice day based on your request.
  • Bank transfer and credit card payments are possible.



You don’t need to take our word for granted. Here are a few testimonials from clients.



My name is Marie. I was born in Austria and started traveling the world together with my husband Martin in 2017. After a few visits to Bali, I knew deep inside that this magical island would be a big part of my new home, where I spend most of my time. I offer sound healing journeys with my husband, creating a safe space for profound transformation. Furthermore, we have the “Akashic Creatorship Program.” This offering is our signature system where we merge the wisdom of ancient Hermetic Alchemy with modern modalities to evolve how we approach life fundamentally. Besides that, we nourish our sacred union and offer various 1-on-1 sessions.

I started offering Akashic Records Readings about four years ago and have done more than 1,000 one-on-one sessions so far. I noticed that my clients are thriving and the happiest if they feel their intuition themselves. That's why it is important to me to help you connect to your own Akashic Records as well.


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