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Stay centered in a Chaotic world with the path of Alchemy

Finding our center can be a profound challenge in life’s ever-shifting currents. The seven steps of Alchemy offer us a transformative roadmap to navigate the chaos, discover our True Essence, and become a beacon of positive change in the world. Each step guides us on a journey of self-discovery and growth, helping us stay centered even in the most turbulent times. From purifying our inner world to refining our talents, confronting the “Dark Night of the Soul” to solidifying our True Essence, these steps provide actionable tools and profound wisdom.

Together, they lead us to the ultimate state of authenticity and self-realization, often referred to as the Holy Grail or Philosopher’s Stone in Alchemy. Join us on this transformative path as we explore each step and learn how to stay centered in a chaotic world.

Step 1: Calcination – Purge negative thinking and influences to stay centered

In the first step of Alchemy, Calcination, we purify our inner world, shedding false beliefs, unhealthy habits, and deceptive patterns. To remove chaos and foster inner clarity, here are some actionable steps:

  • Media Detox: Limit your exposure to chaotic or negative news and media. Set boundaries on screen time. You can reduce anxiety and maintain a balanced perspective by curating your media consumption. Practical tip: If you search for anything, also search for the opposite to avoid confirmation bias.
  • Digital Detox: Schedule regular breaks from your smartphone and other digital devices. Unplugging from the constant stream of notifications and social media can help you recenter and regain mental clarity. Practical tip: Turn off notifications, which puts you in the driver’s seat when you want to communicate.
  • Question Your Beliefs: Challenge your assumptions and beliefs. Are they based on your inner truth or conditioned by external influences? Cultivate a habit of questioning your thoughts to uncover and release false concepts and dogmas. Practical tip: Take each of your beliefs, assume the opposite, and see what it does with you. Maybe the truth lies in the middle.

Step 2: Dissolution – Dissolve blocked emotions

The second step of Alchemy, Dissolution, focuses on liberating repressed or conflicting emotions, emotional hardships, traumas, and dramas. To facilitate this process and bring emotional healing, consider these actionable steps:

  • Decluttering: “As Above so Below” also means “as Within so Without”. Organize and declutter your living space. A clean and tidy environment can profoundly impact your mental and emotional well-being, creating a sense of order and peace. Practical Tip: Take ten pieces daily and examine how often you use them, which can reveal if you need them or hang on to them.
  • Physical Activity: Engage in regular physical activity, such as yoga, dance, or even a brisk walk, to release emotional tension and promote overall well-being. Practical Tip: Start by going into the forest and breathing consciously for as long as possible.
  • Warm Baths: Soak in a warm bath with Epsom salts or calming bath products. The warm water can relax your body and provide a moment of peace and self-care. Practical Tip: Add a pure essential oil to calm you down and relax.

Step 3: Separation – Leave what no longer serves you to stay centered

In the Alchemical journey, the third step of Separation involves letting go of relationships, friendships, peer groups, or projects that no longer serve your growth and well-being. Here are some examples of how to navigate this step:

  • Reflect on Values: Take time to reflect on your core values and personal growth objectives. Are your current relationships and peer groups aligned with these values and goals? Practical Tip: Ask yourself if your peer group of family has the same values and if they are truly yours or theirs.
  • Open Communication: Have an open and honest conversation with individuals you feel are holding you back. Discuss your concerns and explore the possibility of positive change within the relationship. Practical Tip: Be prepared that people are not used to open communication, so take it easy at the beginning.
  • Gradual Distance: If abrupt separation isn’t feasible or desirable, consider gradually distancing yourself from people who no longer align with your journey. Decrease your time and energy investment in these relationships. Practical Tip: Remember that most overnight successes take years of preparation.

Step 4: Conjunction – Embrace your True Essence

Conjunction is about channeling your energy and focus away from what no longer serves you and towards your passion, gifts, skills, and strengths. Here are some actionable steps to help you embrace the new and constructively utilize your energy:

  • Self-Assessment: Take the time for a comprehensive self-assessment. Reflect on your passions, talents, skills, and strengths. Practical tip: Ask yourself: What truly excites me? What am I naturally good at? What do I enjoy doing?
  • Set Clear Goals: Establish specific, achievable goals based on your self-assessment. Make a plan for leveraging your passions and strengths to achieve these objectives. Practical tip: Write down your goals and put them in multiple places where you can see them.
  • Prioritize Your Time: Reevaluate your daily and weekly schedule. Allocate more time to activities that align with your passion and contribute to your growth. Practical tip: Gradually assign more time; Rome was not built in a day.

Step 5 – Fermentation – The final death of the old ego to stay centered

Fermentation is a profound step in the Alchemical journey where you confront the “Dark Night of the Soul” and often encounter cognitive dissonance. It’s a time of profound transformation and letting go of beliefs that may have shaped your reality. Here are some actionable steps to navigate this challenging stage:

  • Self-Reflection: Dedicate time to introspection and self-examination. Explore your beliefs and question their origin and validity. This process lets you identify which beliefs no longer serve your growth and well-being. Practical tip: Ask yourself: How would I be if no one would care? What is my most genuine, authentic expression?
  • Embrace Uncertainty: Understand that the “Dark Night of the Soul” is a natural part of the transformation process. Embrace the uncertainty and discomfort, knowing it’s a gateway to profound personal growth. Practical tip: Every hardship brings an opportunity; try to find and if you cannot see it yet, be patient.
  • Incremental Change: It’s okay to make gradual changes in your beliefs. You don’t need to let go of everything at once. Take small, manageable steps toward aligning your beliefs with your evolving truth. Practical tip: It takes 21 days to change a habit, so take at least that time, but stay focused and dedicated avoiding procrastination.

Step 6: Distillation – Refine your True Essence

Distillation involves the process of refining and honing the talents, skills, and strengths you’ve identified as essential for your current life chapter. Here are some practical examples of how to uncover, refine, and ground your innate abilities:

  • Higher Guidance: In moments of uncertainty and personal growth, seek guidance from your inner wisdom and intuition through connecting to the Akashic Records. Your higher guidance can provide profound insights to assist you in refining your innate abilities. Trust in your inner voice and spiritual resources to find clarity and direction. Practical tip: Use our how-to connect to the Akashic Records Meditation to access your higher guidance.
  • Practice and Repetition: Perfecting a skill requires consistent practice. Allocate time for regular practice sessions to refine your abilities. Practical tip: Integrate your skill into everything you do so it does not stand separate but becomes an integral part of who you are.
  • Mentorship: Seek guidance from mentors or experts. Their experience can offer valuable insights and help you refine your skills. Practical tip: We offer various “Creatorship” programs to help you through all of these steps and embrace your True Essence – you can start by looking at our Akashic Creatorship course.

Step 7: Coagulation – Solidify your True Essence and stay centered

Coagulation is the stage where you solidify your True Essence and become a beacon for positive change in the world. Here are examples of how you can share your gifts and become a force for positive change:

  • Leading by Example: Live your life authentically and in alignment with your values. Demonstrating the positive impact of your choices can inspire others to do the same. Practical tip: Most people resist change, so be patient with your environment and give it time to embrace the new you.
  • Make your newfound Self a habit: Life is a lifelong journey. However, every adventure starts with the first step. Gradually begin to integrate your new way of being one step a day. Practical tip: The key to spiritual evolution is perseverance and persistence.
  • The Holy Grail or Philosopher’s Stone: In Alchemy, the step of Coagulation represents the attainment of the Holy Grail or Philosopher’s Stone. This mystery is the ultimate goal in the Alchemical tradition, symbolizing the transformation of base materials into the highest state of being. It signifies the realization of one’s True Essence and the ability to transmute the mundane into the extraordinary. By stepping into your power authentically and becoming a force for positive change, you embody the essence of the Holy Grail or Philosopher’s Stone, transforming yourself and the world around you. Practical tip: Embrace each transformation cycle as you will transform through these seven steps your whole life, constantly evolving your consciousness.

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