New Moon Lodge in Singapore

Alchemical Transformation Ceremony in Singapore

In the pursuit of Marie and Martin to restore humanity’s connection to their hearts, they utilize the ancient wisdom of Inner Alchemy, along with touching live music, rituals and sounds in their Alchemical Transformation Ceremony. They take you on a journey of personal transformation to discover your True Essence through the three phases of Alchemy.

Marie and Martin accompany the phases of this journey with self-composed songs to emphasize your transformation process. Energy, frequency, and vibration are the rediscovered tools of healing that touch your body and soul on a profound level. As New Moon is seen as a symbol of heightened energies to manifest new beginnings, we are using the power of the whole group to let go of the old, set intentions and manifest the next steps to open up to your true potential. This way we are inviting courage to make the necessary changes in your life.


About New Moon Lodges

The New Moon Lodges are a long-held and much-loved monthly women’s gathering under each new moon. Our ancestors would gather in caves, around fires, and on the high ridges during the birth of the new lunation. The night sky was too dark to hunt or perceive threats, so fires were lit and people gathered within the power of circle.

For women particularly, the new moon is a sacred time of turning in and becoming still, to gather with like-spirited women and nourish your spirit. Women’s monthly cycle is synced to the moon and normally at either the full or dark moons. Women feel a strong draw on the new moon to gather, enter ritual, meditate, share story and spiritual wisdom.

The well-known keynote speaker and meditation teacher Dani Van de Velde has been holding space for the Lodges for many years and it is a delightful and sacred privilege. Some she hosts, and others she invites facilitators, like she invites us to host this New Moon Lodge. All net proceeds are donated each month to the facilitator’s cause of choice. Over the years, the Lodges have generated tens of thousands of donations for the vulnerable, and enabled many beautiful connections, friendships and collaborations.


Note: This New Moon Lodge is also open for men. So, ladies, feel free to bring your partners with you!


To sign-up, please click here to VISIT DANI’S WEBSITE.


Nov 13 2023


19:00 - 21:30

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 13 2023
  • Time: 06:00 - 08:30




Hollandse Club
Singapura Room, 22 Camden Park Singapore 299814


Marie and Martin
Marie and Martin
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