Close your eyes for a moment, put your hands on your heart and imagine your wildest dream …


The only thing that stand between you and your fullest expression is YOU.

In the depths of collective despair, a sense of hopelessness prevails. The weight of uncertainty bears down, leaving shattered dreams and broken spirits. The path ahead is an unending maze, mirroring the inner landscape as external chaos.

Do you often experience …

Disconnection from your True Self, trapped in the labyrinth of your mind?
Doubting your capabilities, and the belief of “I can’t achieve anything”? As well as over-thinking and trying to endlessly perfect life that leads to exhaustion?
Suppressed emotions leading to a lingering sense of heaviness, getting triggered easily and sometimes even feeling stuck in depression?
Intimate relationships always ending up turbulent with either conflict or a lack of intimacy – showing up in multiple partnerships?
Feeling that your boundaries are regularly violated and you are left feeling exhausted?
A sense of unworthiness, an inability to express yourself and be heard?
The isolation and alienation that comes with the quest for authenticity?


Returning to yourself is essential for authentic living, emotional well-being, and fulfilling relationships, empowering personal growth and inner peace.

With the proper guidance of the alchemical 7-step system, you JOURNEY THROUGH OUR 8-DAY RETREAT to return to yourself

Day 1: Break free from the clutches of unhealthy patterns.
Day 2: Liberate the emotions you have long suppressed.
Day 3: Shed the weight of ancestral baggage, forging strong, healthy boundaries.
Day 4: Uncover your hidden passions, talents, and strengths.
Day 5: Rise above the relentless despair that accompanies depression, life’s challenges, and your false ego.
Day 6: Refine your True Essence, the heart of your being.
Day 7: Harness your very best self, embarking on a purposeful journey through life.

The whole retreat bases on the ancient time-tested wisdom of Hermetic Alchemy written on the Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismegistus.


The art of transforming anything from its current state to a more evolved one is in your hands.


  • Applying the universe’s fundamental formula to create the life you dream of
  • Revealing a proven strategy to conquer inner resistance, self-doubt, and anxiety
  • Aligning with your life purpose so that you can embrace all of who you truly are
  • Accessing your Akashic Records to move in harmony with your Higher Self
  • Becoming your mission and living from a place of greater impact

WHY Bali?

Bali is often referred to as the “Island of the Gods”. As we have been living here for some years, we can confirm that this place is closely connected with the spirit realms. With its serene natural beauty and spiritual aura, Bali is an ideal destination for those seeking inner growth and transformation.

The retreat’s location is just outside the town of Ubud. The meaning of Ubud is originating from ‘Ubad’ which translates to ‘Medicine’ in Balinese language. Ubud is Bali’s spiritual center. It’s renowned for its rich tradition of yoga, meditation, and holistic healing practices. It is surrounded by lush jungles that offer a peaceful setting to overcome life’s challenges, realign with your life purpose, and fully embrace your True Essence. 


BeingSattvaa is an exclusive luxury resort in Ubud with Balinese garden villas in different configurations, where you can reconnect with yourself. BeingSattvaa means essence or goodness in Sanskrit. This resort blends ancient Eastern wisdom and sensibilities with modern lifestyle to create a unique, contemporary wellness experience for the body, soul and spirit.

The architecture at BeingSattvaa blurs the lines between inside and outside in a seamless way. All living spaces are connected to nature; water, landscape and building come together in a harmonious way. 

ExplorE Our RETREAT Itinerary’s Treasures

Our itinerary is thoughtfully curated by us to help you unlocking your full potential through Hermetic Alchemy and integrating its timeless wisdom into your life’s journey.

What is included in the retreat?

8 Days/7 Nights at the Luxury Resort BeingSattvaa in Ubud
2 Healthy Vegan Meals + 1 Hearty Lunch Snack
Welcome Gift Bag
Welcome Ceremony
Inner Marriage Ceremony including an exquisite surprise
Vinyasa and Yin Yoga
Frequency based Guided Meditations
Authentic Relating 
Collective Family Constellation 
Cacao Ceremony
Men, Women and mixed Circles
Ecstatic Dance
Sound Journeys
… and more


Group Orientation Call
Access to our Online Platform
Integration Call


Traveler’s insurance
Shopping, other meals/beverages outside of what is listed above
Spa services

Retreat INVESTMENT and Pricing

Double Occupancy

Winter Special


Single Occupancy

Winter Special


Couple special

Bring your partner or best friend



  • Prices are per person
  • The prices include all the delights above and taxes.
  • To secure your spot, you can pay the $500 deposit, and we will reach out to you to work on a customized payment plan.


  • A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required (paid towards your first payment)
  • Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $500 USD deposit.
  • Any cancellation received in writing before February 1, 2024, will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price.
  • Any cancellation made between February 1, 2024, and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended whenever making travel plans.
  • You agree to abstain from using technology, including phones, during the designated retreat period to fully immerse in the experience. For your safety, we will provide an emergency contact number for your loved ones to use in exceptional cases.

What our CLIENTS say

Prepare to be inspired by what our clients say about working with us. They have embarked on a journey and discovered profound insights, gained new perspectives, and cultivated a deeper understanding of themselves. Their stories of growth and empowerment will showcase the immense potential of Hermetic Alchemy and the Akashic Records in your life.

Your Retreat Facilitators

Marie and Martin

We, Marie and Martin, are a couple for more than 12 and married for more than six years. We are from Austria and yet, live and dream together worldwide. A unity and bond we could have never imagined formed – a genuine Sacred Union. It connects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We started our journey of self-discovery over 10 years ago. Throughout this time, we went through countless courses, workshops, seminars, teacher trainings, hardships, challenges, life-changing events, and even depression. As a result, we found Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, breathwork, Ecstatic Dance, access to the Akashic Records, energy healing, sound healing, and more. We have studied ancient wisdom and modern science, blending the two to uncover the secrets of personal growth and transformation. Through our own experiences, we have found that there is a holistic solution to navigating this chaos, a way to regain control over our lives.

We dedicate our lives to sharing our love based on the timeless wisdom of Hermetic Alchemy that brought so many before us profound inner transformation. In our practical approach, we humbly contribute to the grander scheme of humanity's awakening process.

The basis of our retreat is The 7-step formula of Hermetic Alchemy

Alchemy is the art of transmutation, turning the inner lead, symbolizing heaviness and limitations, into the inner gold, representing light and wisdom. This ancient practice allows our group to go on a transformative retreat through the 7 steps, where each step acts as a rung on a continuous upward spiral. As we ascend through these stages, our consciousness is raised, and we gradually shed the weight of old limitations, paving the way for the radiant brilliance of our true selves to shine forth.

Step 1: Calcination


Destroy false beliefs, habits, concepts, impure thoughts, neuroses, traumas, and patterns to ...

Illuminate the path to purpose in life's darkest corners, even when it seems elusive.
Gradually unburden your shoulders from the oppressive weight of life's uncertainties.
Fill the hollow caverns of inner emptiness with the radiant light of newfound purpose and meaning.

Step 2: Dissolution


Immerse into your subconscious mind and dissolve repressed emotions, rigid belief systems, psychological projections, judgments, and assumptions to ...

Rediscover the profound connection with your True Self.
Navigate the intricate labyrinth of thoughts, tuning into the whispers of your heart's wisdom amid the cacophony of mental chatter.
Dive into the ocean of your suppressed emotions, allowing their transformative waves to wash over your soul.

Step 3: Separation


Separate your impurities and expectations from your True Essence to ...

Heal relationship issues and nurture harmonious connections with your partner.
Address family and ancestral baggage.
Gain insights into your energy, set healthy boundaries, and manage energetic interactions.

Step 4: Conjunction


Bring together your True Essence to create a more Unified Self in alignment with your higher purpose to ...

Find answers to your questions about the "right" life path and gain clarity.
Receive guidance and support when you stand at life's crossroads, making crucial decisions.
Boost self-worth, find your voice, and ensure your words are heard.

Step 5: Fermentation

DAY 5: Final death of the old ego

Descend into the “Dark night of the Soul” for a final death of your old ego and attachments and a rebirth into your newfound higher state of consciousness to ...

Alleviate feelings of loneliness and alienation, fostering deeper connections and belonging.
Overcome depression and rediscover joy and fulfillment in your life's journey.
Gain the guidance and tools needed to navigate life's complex challenges with confidence.

Step 6: Distillation


Purify your True Essence to its highest form by connecting the Below and Above, where Soul and Spirit become united and grounded in the body to ...

Decode the signs of life more profoundly, including dreams, patterns, and synchronicities.
Reconnect with a sense of wholeness and healing in your being, fostering inner harmony.
Elevate your awareness and consciousness to new heights, unveiling a profound sense of purpose and direction in life.

Step 7: Coagulation


Strengthen your Self with a final union of matter and Spirit on a higher level of consciousness, allowing you to solve challenges you couldn’t solve before.

The result

Upon finishing your voyage through the Return to Yourself Retreat, you emerge as a beautifully integrated, evolved version of yourself. You embody the very core of your being, embracing your True Essence with open arms. This transformation illuminates your path and fills your life with purpose, love, and inner fulfillment. Your newfound wisdom guides you toward a life of profound meaning and lasting joy.

Are you ready to awaken your True Essence?


Are you eager to embrace a life-changing retreat? Join us in uncovering the enchantment of Hermetic Alchemy and the Akashic Records to Return to Yourself.

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