Divine symbiosis and heart opening

Although I was led directly to Marie and Martin by my intuition and was prepared for a very intensive cocoa ceremony and processing, the work and energy of Marie and Martin far exceeded ANYTHING I could have ever imagined. 🤍🙏🏼💫
It wasn’t my first cocoa ceremony, but it was definitely my most beautiful, most intimate and at the same time most truthful. Marie and Martin operate on such a subtle, high level within themselves, with each other and with all participants. Everything is harmonious, flowing, open, empathetic, compassionate, light, liberated and is carried out with love and attention to every little detail of the ceremony.  Which was extremely pleasant and liberating for me as a highly sensitive soul.
There is an almost magical symbiosis of healed feminine energies in complete union and devotion to the healed masculine. This love and symbiosis between the two creates and enables a distinctive and unique space that I have never been able to experience at any other healing ceremony. For me they are clearly healers and companions of the new era. 🫶🏼🪷✨
With gratitude and solidarity.
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