Overwhelmed and Seeking Clarity?

Stay centered in a Chaotic world with the path of Alchemy

Feeling confused, stagnant, or anxious about the state of the world? The timeless wisdom of Alchemy can bring you greater clarity, inner peace, and continuous guidance without years spent in a healing loop. So you stay centered in a chaotic world.

Our monthly 1.5-hour pay-what-you-want online masterclass reveals the secret Alchemical formula that’s been hidden for centuries. It’s the direct path to transformation!

1.5-HOUR ONLINE Masterclass
Sunday, October 22, AT 2 PM CEST/8 am EDT/8 pm WITA

Are you busy on that date? We will send you the recording after the masterclass so you can watch it at any time.


The 3 profound keys that every spiritual person needs to stay centered

My hand lie broken, and the wall had a huge hole in it. Anger had consumed me in an uncontrollable rage. It was a dark time in my life full of frustration and confusion. Though I had been on a spiritual path for many years, there was still something missing…

When I shared these secrets with Marie, we started to understand something very important. All the hardships, challenges, and mental difficulties people face are simply part of the journey to become whole. These hardships are not obstacles, but opportunities. Knowing how to work with hardships properly is key, and they can actually fuel our transformation. Alchemy gives us clarity, inner peace, and continuous guidance that we embrace both in our lives and the lives of our students and clients.

I sincerely wanted to be free of the torture of my uncontrollable emotions. Life handed me the solution – it had been in plain sight the whole time: Alchemy. Everything I needed at that time was contained in a rare, ancient book that I came across and studied repeatedly. I integrated these teachings into my own life and saw a huge shift as the dark clouds cleared, and I became fully inspired at a core level.


End the confusion and mental chaos about theories, teachings, and world events. As a result, you gain incredible clarity to make the right decision for you – every time!

Inner Peace

Easily come back into equanimity when anything throws you off balance. Stay centered and calm, even while the world around you drowns in chaos and drama. You determine how you feel.

Steady Guidance

Reconnect to your higher guidance for support with your life’s purpose. Find your alignment with truth that will continuously boost your mission and confidence in life.

Life can be more easeful and free

Waking up every single morning full of joy and enthusiasm…

Sharing your unique gifts with the world in a meaningful way…

Having like-minded people around you, co-creating incredible projects…

Enjoying fulfilling relationships with mutual love and support…

Stay centered in a chaotic world

In our monthly masterclass, we reveal the seven-step formula of Alchemy to help you overcome and transmute any challenge you face in life. This timeless wisdom is a “Handbook for life”. Through this knowledge, you can turn all your seemingly unsurmountable issues into learning lessons for personal growth.

You will gain the confidence and trust that everything you experience is an integral part of your journey toward wholeness. If this sounds like something for you, please join our 1.5-hour masterclass on August 28th (replay available if you cannot make it live).

Your Hosts

Marie and Martin

We, Marie and Martin, are a couple for more than 11.5 and married for more than six years. We are from Austria and yet, live and dream together worldwide. A unity and bond we could have never imagined formed – a genuine Sacred Union. It connects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We started our journey of self-discovery over 10 years ago. Throughout this time, we went through countless courses, workshops, seminars, teacher trainings, hardships, challenges, life-changing events, and even depression. As a result, we found Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, breathwork, Ecstatic Dance, access to the Akashic Records, energy healing, sound healing, and more. We’ve studied ancient wisdom and modern science, blending the two to uncover the secrets of personal growth and transformation. Through our own experiences, we’ve found that there’s a holistic solution to navigating this chaos, a way to regain control over our lives.

We dedicate our lives to uncovering and sharing the timeless wisdom of Alchemy that brought so many before us profound inner transformation. In our practical approach, we humbly contribute to the grander scheme of humanity’s awakening process.

What our community says about our Alchemy Training

Now I have a tool to get closer and closer to my True Essence


For many years I fell into unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with sadness and anger. I did not want to be part of this world anymore. The Alchemy wisdom made me look at situations from a new perspective where I could observe how much the ego likes drama. After finishing the Akashic Creatorship Program, doubts still come up but awareness kicks in faster. Now I have a tool to get closer and closer to my True Essence. Marie and Martin – for that I am forever grateful!

Regional Sales Manager, Singapore

The Akashic Creatorship Program is helping me go deep

Nastya A

Even though I’ve been on a spiritual journey for a couple of years already, the wisdom of Alchemy in the Akashic Creatorship Program is helping me go deep to uncover hidden parts of myself and suppressed emotions. Marie and Martin gently support me through this transformation, which can be really overwhelming sometimes. I’m learning to connect to my Higher Self through Akashic Records, and I feel I’m developing my intuition.

Nastya A.
Project Manager, UAE

The Akashic Creatorship Program was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done

Ana V

I am so grateful to Marie and Martin who worked with me throughout the Alchemical transformation journey! Marie put words to my feelings as she revealed so many important messages to me that I couldn’t comprehend myself. She helped me to understand my ego and my blockages and gave me the tools to overcome those. I am forever grateful for all the lessons, the wisdom of Alchemy, and the energy Marie & Martin shared with me! Thank you, thank, thank you!

Ana V.
Assistant Store Manager, Singapore

What you will learn

During our 1.5-hour masterclass, we will introduce the 7 steps of alchemy and show you exactly how you can apply these to your life. We explain a real-world example through the seven steps of Alchemy, so you can learn to see them for yourself. Once you know these 7 steps, you’ll be able to identify challenges that arise in life and address them easily using the right tool. As a result, you can stay centered in a chaotic world.

We will cover:


Claim this rare opportunity to learn the timeless secrets that truly work

We have poured countless hours through long, ancient texts. Tried all sorts of practices and spent thousands of hours distilling this potent approach to a reliable system. A system that is uniquely modern and yet, has been proven to work throughout the ages.

We provide a safe and inviting space where everyone is welcome. It is offered by donation because we believe that these incredible teachings should be available to everyone. So join our 1.5-hour masterclass on August 28th (replay available if you cannot make it) and pay what you want. This opportunity may change your life!

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