The Law of Intuition


“We are raised on comparison; our education is based on it; so is our culture – so we struggle to be someone other than who we are.”
J. Krishnamurti


Once upon a time, there was a woman called Dahlia. She had a great love for music. Dahlia played the guitar, singing bowls, drums, and other percussion instruments. Being in the flow she loved, playing for hours, and singing overtones with her angelic voice. Somehow, she could create sounds that seemed out of this world. She was fully in tune with the Law of Intuition.

One day, she had a friend over for dinner, and they talked about music. Dahlia shared what kind of music she was creating but hesitated to play. Eventually, her friend could convince her, and she started playing. Like every time Dahlia closed her eyes, her intuition took over. Again, she created tones and sounds of alien origin. Then, when she blinked her eyes open, her friend looked scared. In an instant, Dahlia stopped playing. The evening ended awkwardly, and Dahlia was devastated. She could barely sleep and always had her friend’s scared face in her mind’s eye.

Dahlia did not play for the next few days until a voice from deep within started talking to her. It soothed her hesitation and encouraged her to go with her intuition. Eventually, she realized that only some were ready for the healing sounds she had to offer. So, listening to her intuition, Dahlia started making music again and got to play and sing in the most well-known sound healing places worldwide. She brought serenity and peace to many people’s hearts.
This story tells us that we must, first and foremost, always listen to our intuition. If there is one thing we have enough of in the world, it is opinions. However, they often don’t come from a heart-centered space and are used to manipulate. Contrarily, our intuition is always in our best interest and always here for us. The more we listen to it, the more we get in tune with our soul mission.


We can only get in touch with our intuition once we stop listening to other people’s opinions. Furthermore, we can only live up to our full potential by tuning in to our heart space and following our soul mission. Contrarily, if we follow others’ opinions and expectations, we do not live our lives. Eventually, we lose touch with our intuition. The positive aspect is that we can relearn to listen to our intuition by focusing inward. Once we stop defining ourselves through other people’s opinions, we can become our true selves. The Law of Intuition reminds us of this task.

We built our world and education around the concepts of comparison and judgment by others, so this task is challenging. First, we need to become aware of the aspect that someone else defines us. Then we can change it. Others’ opinions can give us a different perspective on a matter, but they should never limit our worldview. We also need to be aware not to push our worldviews and opinions on others.

A good practice is tuning in with our heart’s wisdom to verify someone else’s opinion. Our innermost feelings, once purified and freed, always support our path. To reach this state of inner purity, the process of Alchemy is precious. The first two steps, Calcination and Dissolution, help to purge all impure thoughts, external expectations, and the false ego. As a result, we can listen to our intuition without the thick walls we built around it

Seeking inner Guidance in Your Unique Journey?

Every person’s life journey is beautifully unique, with distinct challenges and triumphs. Yet, amidst this individuality, there is a profound commonality—a thread that weaves through the fabric of our existence. It is this timeless cord of universal wisdom that we delve into within the teachings of Hermetic Alchemy, the foundation of our Akashic Creatorship Course. We like to consider it “The Forgotten Handbook for Life“. Join us as we practically explore the hidden gems within this timeless wisdom and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation that transcends the boundaries of individuality to unveil the universal truths that unite us all.

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