Akashic Creatorship Casestudy 1


Akashic Creatorship Casestudy 1

Ana came to us through another client who has done the Akashic Creatorship Program. We haven’t met her in person at this point, but on our discovery call, we all felt an instant connection, and Ana and us knew that we wanted to go on this Alchemical Transformation Process with her.

The Challenges that Ana faced before the Akashic Creatorship Program

Life presented too many confusing routes for Ana, and she felt lost on her journey. She felt heaviness in her body and mind and didn’t know how to handle it, so she was trying her best to just move along with her daily routines. Ana came into the program without any expectations, not trying to fix anything but instead having the openness to trust the process and let the blend of Alchemy and the Akashic Records give her what she needed.

The biggest obstacle that she overcame

Ana faced her false ego, and all the emotions she had suppressed for a long time came up in our weekly Creatorship Calls. She says it was the hardest thing she had ever done, but without stepping out of her comfort zone, she would have felt trapped without knowing what to change.

Her main insight

Ana learned that life goes in an ever-expanding upward spiral. She started seeing that once she had worked through one round of the Alchemical Process, she could always go to a specific step to look at situations and solutions but from a higher state of consciousness.

Other main takeaways for Ana are the Alchemical tool of dealing with emotions, facing her false ego, looking at the things and the people holding her back, and most importantly — trusting in the process. She says she will be able to use all the lessons she got from the Akashic Creatorships Program in the future in her life.

A new life is awaiting her

She started being more sensitive and open to her intuition in the Alchemical third and fourth steps, Separation and Conjunction. She discovered that she has the ability of Clairsentience and started decoding what messages her emotions had for her. During the program, her ability to visualize and see images, also known as Clairvoyance, became more vivid. Most importantly for Ana, she now has discovered the ability to tell which people and spaces are good for her and which are better to avoid.

Some last words that Ana would like to say

“Doing this with Marie and Martin was, without doubt, a blessing! Marie is wonderful in guiding the Akashic Visualization Meditations in the Creatorship Calls. She consciously connected to me and my Higher Self in every session, and I could feel that connection very strongly. I felt safe and protected with her. She gave me answers and solutions that I didn’t anticipate and helped me understand many hidden messages within me. Also, Martin made me feel safe and accepted; they were there every step. They are flexible and such a huge support when you feel stuck. I also appreciated that they share their own experiences blended in with the wisdom of Alchemy, which makes the journey so much more relatable and makes you feel like you are not alone.”

WE INVITE YOU TO discover the incredible potential within the akashic creatorship program.

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