The Bali Effect


Six years ago, we sold our new Porsche and Audi, and we left our Central Duplex Apartment in a serene Austrian town. Despite having everything in the materialistic world – nice cars, organic food, and university degrees – a part of our hearts felt empty, numb, and paralyzed. To identify the source of this emptiness, we traded our seemingly stable lives for a nomadic existence, stepping completely out of our comfort zones. Just a few days ago, during my morning meditation, I reflected on how often we have moved houses, villas, and hotels in the last six years. Shockingly, I counted more than 80 relocations!

leaving the home country for freedom

I can say that leaving the home country behind to gain freedom, is not easy! As we live in a world of polarities, I have learned that true freedom comes with hardships and challenges. Leaving the mainstream hamster wheel didn’t bring expected freedom initially. At first, Martin fell into a dark hole and struggled for some time with an internal crisis. We realized he was stuck, and this was triggered by giving up the stability and safety of our known environment and daily routine. We were thrown in a constant survival and exploration mode, making it difficult to relax due to figuring out where we get our basic needs like food, groceries, fresh water, laundry, a car/motorbike. Despite moments of experiencing freedom, the nervous system found it hard to relax.


With courage and the Akashic Records and Bali’s supportive energy, we began to unravel the source of Martin’s issue. As Martin opened up to receiving help, the transformation began. We discovered that stepping out of our comfort zone to gain freedom, even when the comfort zone felt suffocating, was a unique path to healing.

true freedom can only be found within

When we are at peace with ourselves, not running from emptiness, freedom washes over us as contentment. The constant urge for self-development modalities, in the end, is not freedom but an attempt to fill an ever-running cycle seeking meaning and connection. When Martin and I found out that life is following a certain template which we can find in the teachings of Alchemy, it clicked and finally the inner freedom started to evolve. In Alchemy Martin found a way of healing his internal crisis.

Gratitude for Bali

After his and our breakthrough, our dream of hosting a retreat took root. It was clear that Bali, with its potent healing energy that we have witnessed first hand on ourselves, was the perfect setting. We call this the “Bali Effect” because Mama Bali loves unconditionally and transmutes heaviness and confusion into the vibrant life that is flourishing on this island. By reflecting on the last six years of living abroad, we are filled with gratitude, especially for Bali. The Balinese people, the expats living there, the tourists who come for healing, the creative kitchen, and the overall energy in Bali have given us so much that we also want to give back to Bali. That’s why we are travelling with a harmonious group of people to Bali to experience her transformative energy first hand. We have distilled the highlights of healing modalities from the past decade into our retreat, Return to Yourself. You don’t need to embark on years of world travel and move over 80 times – we invite you to just come to Bali with us and let us take you on the most transformative journey you have probably ever been on.

OUR retreat encapsulates the best of what we’ve learned to truly connect with ourselves, and we are thrilled to pass this wisdom on to you!

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