the bali effect

Six years ago, we sold our new Porsche and Audi, and we left our Central Duplex Apartment in a serene Austrian town. Despite having everything in the materialistic world – nice cars, organic food, and university degrees – a part of our hearts felt empty, numb, and paralyzed. To identify the source of this emptiness, […]

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The Law of Process, The Most Miraculous Transformation

The Most Miraculous Transformation Of Life

The most miraculous transformation of life as an example of Alchemy is right among us. It is the one from the caterpillar to the butterfly. Let’s use it as a metaphor to grasp the seven steps of Alchemical transformation. The caterpillar spends most of its life consuming the world around it until it grows thick and fat. This recklessness is very much like our daily unconscious behavior. We live by the term that money can buy anything, and there is no need to care for the world we pass on to our children.

One day the caterpillar’s internal clock goes off. Everything gets heavy and, in time, comes to a complete stop. At this turning point, we realize that the world’s resources are vast but not infinite. Moreover, we are sowing off the branch of the tree we are sitting on. At last, we are not passing on the world to our children, but we borrow it from them.

The caterpillar spins itself into a cocoon. We can compare this step to becoming conscious of being unconscious. Our introspection starts. We stop looking for the meaning of life outside and in materialistic satisfaction and instead focus inwards and start the most miraculous transformation of life.

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7 steps to master any challenge

7 Steps To Master Any Challenge In Life

What’s your first thought about Alchemy? Medieval charlatanry of turning lead into gold? That was mine too. However, life taught me the hard way the truth about Alchemy — the hidden secret behind obscure terms and strange practices. In one of my darkest hours, I learned that Alchemy is primarily an internal process. It explains 7 steps to master any challenge in life. Summarized it is about turning the inner heaviness and dross into light.

For me, learning and embodying the 7 steps to master any challenge was a turning point in my life.

We don’t learn much from our easy times but from our hardships and challenges. Lightworkers are not sent from heaven but rise from their ashes. Once I came across the teachings of Alchemy, I understood that all the ups and downs are part of our journey on Earth. They are all learning lessons. So, we can either go the hard way of fighting them or acknowledging and using them for our personal evolution.

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