An unbelievable synchronicity story after returning home


Every moment, movement, decision, and experience has led you to your exact time and location of where you are now. Life is so ingenious that have learned there are no coincidences, only synchronicities. Carl Jung proposed that synchronisitc events go beyond mere chance or probability; they are connected by a meaningful thread. Synchronicities often involve patterns, symbols, or themes that resonate with an individual’s inner life, thoughts, or emotions. I share this because Martin and I recently experienced one of the most significant synchronicities during our world exploration.


Six years ago, a few months after our wedding, we sold our new Porsche and Audi, and left our Central Duplex Apartment in a serene Austrian town behind. Many family members and friends questioned our decision to sell the Porsche and embrace a nomadic life. We embarked on a world exploration, living in various countries, eventually settling in Bali. Recently, a feeling emerged within us, a desire to return to our roots, and without much thought, we decided to move back to Austria.


We took a flight from Bali via Taiwan to Vienna. On the flight to Taiwan, I found myself reflecting on the past six years, questioning if leaving our comfort zone and selling our Porsche was worth it. Standing at the gate about to board the flight to Vienna, Martin unexpectedly spotted someone in the crowd he recognized. As we approached, it turned out to be the pilot who bought our Porsche six years ago!

life orchestrated this synchronicity for us

We approached him and after a few moments he recognized us as the couple that sold him the car. We explained that a significant cycle of six years was closing, and we were on our way back to Austria from our world exploration tour. The pilot, equally baffled, mentioned that he never flies to Taiwan but was substituting for another pilot, not supposed to be here today. We realized we weren’t supposed to be there either (and yet we were), as we initially booked our flight for two weeks later but decided to re-book to come home earlier. Somehow, life orchestrated for us to allow us to experience the cycle closing not only in our thoughts of returning back home but also in the physical world.

an official cycle closing

He told us that still owns the car, showed us pictures, and shared how much fun he has driving it. He promised to visit us soon, allowing us to take a tour in the car for an official cycle closing. However, this time when we will drive this car, we are two different people sitting inside. Our appearances and names remain the same, but our entire inner world has shifted, and we are returning back home as who we really are. That’s why we have created the Retreat “Return to Yourself”.

We have distilled the highlights of healing modalities from the past decade into our retreat, “Return to Yourself.”

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